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MRI Scan from £269

3T MRI Scan from £329

CT Scan from £369

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Hello and welcome to your trusted scan provider

We are offering, throughout the UK, quick and affordable  booking of MRI, CT and other scans for you.

Private MRI scan or MRI without referral.

We are always trying to keep MRI scan price cheap but not lowering the quality of service.

Fast track appointments and quick reports. Preferred rates and an easy referral process.

For further queries please call: 0207 989 0889

What does the Full Body MRI Scan package includes?

  • Whole Body MRI scan
  • Brain
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Spine
Symbia mri machine
Slice CT

CT scanners have vastly improved patient comfort because a scan can be done quickly. Improvements have led to higher-resolution images, which assist the doctor in making a diagnosis.

For example, the CT scan can help doctors to visualize small nodules or tumours, which they cannot see with a plain film X-ray. If one looks at a standard X-ray image or radiograph (such as a chest X-ray), it appears as if they are looking through the body.

CT Scan

from £369


Fast track appointments and quick reports. Preferred rates and an easy referral process.

For further queries please call:



Dozens of MRI centres for you across the UK – CQC approved. Fast track appointments and quick reports. Preferred rates and an easy referral process.

Types of MRI Scanners

Conventional MRI Scan
3 T MRI Scan
Open MRI Scan
Upright MRI Scan

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Are you a health practitioner market yourself to thousands of patients?

Are You a Diagnostic Centre? Talk to one of our team members to know how we can multiply your brand exposure and bookings.
The idea for originated when a leading medical consultant in Central London saw a patient requiring an MRI scan

The patient was astonished to hear that no central booking system existed: it was necessary to make a series of phone calls to find a scanner in the right place, at the right time and for the right price. Having been involved in a number of software projects to resolve similar problems, the patient approached his board and floated the idea of a central system to facilitate these bookings.Taking forward the idea, a group of private investors commissioned a feasibility study which led to the creation of this website. The rest – as they say – is history!

Are you looking for a scan as early as tomorrow but so not have a referral?

You have reached the right place.

Client Testimonials

I can not comment more positively about my recent experience with Securescanners. I made an appointment via telephone for an MRI scan privately, as there was an eight week wait for this via the NHS ...
Sharon M.
I am extremely happy with Secure Scanners. I called them before booking anything as I always like to speak to someone first. I got through very quickly, I didn`t have to wait too long.
After a brief medical discussion, SecureScanners were prepared to sell me a variation of what I had asked for. They did not demand that I start at step 1 of the recommended diagnostic process.
Ian S.

About Secure Scanners Limited is a pioneer online booking system for medical imaging facilities. We connect health professionals and patients to multiple imaging centres. Our system offers a choice of pricing, locations and short notice availability for all scan types.

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