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Is there any risk during MRI scan

You will notice once the scan begins it is very loud; this noise is created due to the magnetic fields. We will provide you with earplugs and ensure these are fitted correctly before starting the scan.

If your scan is particularly lengthy you may start to feel slightly warm. This is due to the radiofrequency energy applied during the scan and how the molecules in your body react to this. You will be monitored throughout your scan by the radiographers and may stop the scan if you do not feel well.

Currently there is no evidence to suggest MRI scans cause any long-term or serious effects.

During your scan you may require a contrast agent. Contrast agents are safe drugs: however, as with all drugs, they have the potential to cause an allergic reaction. The department and staff are fully equipped to deal with reactions in the rare event of this happening.

If think you might be or are currently pregnant, please contact Neuroradiology prior to your scan.

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